Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30/12 Summer Day Campes

Whew! Last week, all 3 kids were in different Y camps -- at different locations!! The logistics were the worst -- but they all liked their camps. And with the boys being apart, I think the time I saved listening to the counselors' stories more than made up for the extra driving time.

Last week, Julian did Lego Robots, which he loved. Gabriel did fencing, which he loved until the last-day tournament, and he tied for last in a group of 18 kids. I don't usually feel bad for him for stuff like that, but I did this time! He took it in stride, but it bugged him. (Still, he's one of those "cheap" competitors -- he likes to win, but he doesn't like to work hard to win.) And Katrina was in gymnastics, which she liked because of the foam pit.

Last day of Y-camp: "linked-in tag" ! It was cute seeing Katrina standing clinging to another girl, who she readily gave up when she saw me -- even cuter.

Outside Julian's camp, an attempt to get all 3. Of course they wouldn't completely cooperate -- these should all be frameables!

Home is always more fun, especially if you bought yourself a remote-control helicopter.
This week, they're in a regular old-fashioned daycamp through the City of San Jose, and I'm thrilled for two very selfish reasons: One, they're all in the same location; and two, it's half the cost of most other daycamps! I just hope the magic persists for two weeks. 'Cause after that, it's another dreaded CDC camp week (through their school's on-campus daycare center, which they've grown not to like for summer daycamp), and then -- SCHOOL. It starts in just 3 weeks, can you believe it?! Agh!


oh no, it's two Uncles birthdays and when I remembered to call was a bad time!! aggggh!)

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