Thursday, August 09, 2012

8/9/12 Haircuts

School is right around the corner!! Time to get new knapsacks and lunchbags (what they have is pretty destroyed), toenail trims, dorky Varsity "Class of...." T-shirts, and haircuits. Not to mention all the school supplies we're supposed to bring.

Naturally, I've decided to put off most everything until the last weekend -- and then go AWAY for the last weekend! We have our last hurrah for the summer scheduled, a camping trip at China Lake State Park, just north of San Francisco.

On impulse I decided it was time for the boys to have some semblance of respectability though. I'd done Katrina's bangs about a week ago, so she didn't really need a cut herself. Mostly she just wanted the lollipop.

They were going to Great America the next day, so were sporting their new matching T-shirts when I picked them up from camp.

Plan flaw: haircuts in new shirts mean the shirts have to get washed, or they'll itch all day long tomorrow. We made it happen somehow.

Julian in particular asked for gel in his hair to make it spiky-stylish. So cool!

I've been at home the last 3 days, doing a training class that starts at 6:30am, for something I'm not all that interested in, and with the sole objective of passing an exam that means nothing to me -- but it's important to my company to have a certain number of people on staff with this exam behind them. And that's more motivating than anything. Can't you tell? I'm procrastinating by blogging!


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