Friday, November 16, 2012

11/16/12 Snow Stuff

This is a new annual ritual, but it has to happen -- and this one is pretty fun. The kids have to try on all their snow stuff from last year, and find out what's missing, outgrown or just never worked.

That doesn't mean they're very happy about the requisite photo though!!

After a record-breakingly abysmal last year snow-wise, several ski resorts around Tahoe just OPENED due to early snow!!! That's promising, and I'm PSYCHED!!

My new financial circumstances mean that ski/snow trips must turn from "ok, time to go!" to carefully planned, sacrifices-made luxuries -- but I can't begin to imagine not doing it. Especially seeing Katrina jump up and down about snow. I can't possibly sacrifice this.

Snow came for free for me growing up in the East Coast, but in the unbelievably mild climate we live in, you have to go to the snow -- and I am determined to make that happen, no matter what the tradeoffs are. The experience, the joy, the memories.... they just can't be traded. Snow just feels like a right!

And this year, unlike last year, it's already promising that Mom Nature will cooperate!!

(Alpine Meadows ski resort, yesterday)


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