Monday, November 19, 2012

11/19/12 Kitty Warning

I got home today and it was pretty quiet....until Zorro started meowing insistently. He'll make a pathetic little mew from time to time, but never this consistent. He wouldn't quit! I had no idea what was wrong.

I was puzzled why Meow-stache wasn't around, but she hides a lot these days, so I didn't think much of it. Usually she follows me around when the kids aren't home, but who knows with a cat. Special as she is to me, really, she's just a cat.

After spending the evening working and taking care of office things, I finally did a thorough check of downstairs, then went upstairs. I checked around, and then discovered....Katrina's door was closed. This door has a tendency to shut itself unless it's completely open, and then the tiniest nudge can put it into a position to swing shut.

I opened Katrina's door, and was met immediately with a horrific stench, and then a black-and-white streak zooming out past me downstairs. Meow-stache was stuck in there!

Oh my gosh, I felt terrible. She'd pooped on the floor and rug, peed on Katrina's bed (which thankfully still has a night-training protector on it), and obviously was hungry. She was probably trapped in there all day!

I did a hasty but thorough cleanup, and then went to make up with my new friend, who forgave me immediately with purrs and rubs. Meantime, I swore to myself that I'd find a way to fix this troublesome door, that has had a tendency to close itself since we first moved in here.

The thing that really freaked me out later was remembering that Zorro had made such a big fuss when first I got home. He was clearly trying to tell me that something was wrong, but being a cat and all, wasn't very articulate. I'll be sure to take him seriously next time!


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