Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/19/12 Holiday potlucks

This week at school is largely about holidays and celebrations and "multi-cultural" learning, which is sort of amusing considering that the vast majority of "culture" at our school is from India. Even the Indian moms complain that it's hardly multi-cultural -- and the few other Moms from other cultures seem not to have sufficient English to chime in.

But I don't mind at all, especially when it comes to the food. YUMMY! These moms can cook!

Spicy and flavorful and exotic...oh wow. I had to laugh when I saw no fewer than 5 other teachers raid Julian's classroom "potluck" today for the wonderful food -- including Katrina's teacher, who'd just hosted such a potluck herself the day before!

I had such a nice time chatting with the Indian moms (as they almost all are) at Julian's class's Holiday MultiCultural Potluck, asking about the food and recipes, nosing into their culture and lives. One of Julian's table-mates' Moms told me about how they'd moved here a few years ago from Massachusetts, and she felt tremendous pressure at school. We had such a great time talking that, that once again, I left feeling like I'd made a true friend. I chuckle all the time at being a total racial and cultural minority at this school, but I really like the Indian moms. Calm, honest, free of hangups -- and boy, can they cook.

Eek, no closeup photo should be allowed for a woman of my age -- let alone an iPhone closeup -- but, for my son's sake...

One more holiday potluck to go, but unfortunately, parents aren't invited to tomorrow's 5th-grade potluck. Rats, I'd love to have a 3rd day in a row of Idali, Saffron rice, Samosas and all sorts of other things I can't begin to name, but are super-yummy!


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