Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/16/13 The Next Food Network Star

In many ways, this years' annual work conference and "team-building" was in a not-so-great location: the facility was small and cramped and really not well-suited for a large group of corporate types. But it was held at a world-renowned culinary institute -- a genuine cooking school! I was thrilled.

Before the obligatory work-related presentations, I looked all around into the numerous kitchens, peeked into the pantries, and marvelled at the students and chefs in real chef whites. For certain, I've watched too much Food Network shows, I'm easily wowed.

In the evening, the "team-building" event was, of all things, a cooking competition! Each team got a whole kitchen and two real chefs to help!!

I counted -- 24 burners!

We all had to wear hats and aprons.

The teams were large, so coworkers who are better at thinking and planning on their feet than I am, put together the dishes. I relegated myself to sous-chef work, dashing around and volunteering to stir, flip and chop whatever anyone else needed. Quite a few people had a few favorite projects they regularly did at home, so I happily deferred and played a busy supporting role.

I had so much fun. This was totally my element. I didn't take command or anything, deferring to more leadership-types to do so, but had a great time in the intensity and barely-controlled chaos of a busy kitchen.

The final plating merited some more skilled photography.

My team didn't win the food competition, but who cared? Everything was delicious (our efforts were also our dinner), and totally fun to put together.

All that was missing was the cameras! Food Network, where are you! I'm ready!


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MommaWriter said...

You are looking awfully happy in that kitchen!