Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/10/13 Bed Cats

The boys, especially Gabriel, love bringing Zorro into bed with them. I don't quite understand why, but Gabriel carries Zorro up to his top bunk (hel-lo, he's a cat, he can get up himself if he wants!), and then Zorro spends all night there with him.

I just have to make sure their door stays open so the poor kitty doesn't get trapped in there!

Meantime, Meow-stache is my nonstop BFF, following me everywhere. She skitters away if anyone makes any sudden moves, but if I'm hanging out on my bed in my room-sanctuary, she shows up within a few minutes, jumps up on the bed with me, and is my purr partner for hours. I love scratching her ears and hanging with her.

Neither cat so far is much of a lap cat, but they're definitely bed cats!


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