Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/12/13 What I want to be when I grow up

Before our hectic trip to the Sierras last weekend, Katrina left me a note -- a "private letter," really, but one so sweet that I'm making it un-private. Her career choice was important enough to write in a note to me -- in cursive, no less -- and roll up and tie with pink yarn.

And this was the message inside.

Dear Noemi,
I love being a
could try it to!
- Katrina
I am

Notice how she addresses me with my "real" name. She and her brothers all have a recent interest in my "real" name. We all joke that no one can pronounce it, including them! They're all realizing that the rest of the world knows me by a unique name that isn't easily said, even by them. I assured them all that "Mom" is just FINE.

If this is a passing fancy, it's a long one -- Katrina keeps talking about digging and becoming a "famous scientist" and discovering bones. With her, nothing is impossible -- I totally believe her!


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