Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gabriel and Julian's new clothes

It's finally been warming up here, turning into T-shirt time. Somehow I persuaded both boys to try on the Gymboree clothes from Bonne Maman and Papa Paul -- and how cute they are! The shorts are too big around the waist on Gabriel, as I expected, but I'll find a way to take them in. (In fact, I just had to get swim trunks for Gabriel, and bought an 18-month size, and still had to take them in!) I'm just glad to see long shorts on him.

Julian's latest phrase, said after I got off the phone today: "What are you talking about?" or, "Who are you talking to?" Nosy!

Gabriel's picked up a very unpleasant new phrase as well: "You're nasty!" or, "you're weird!" I'm not sure how to handle this yet. I've already learned the flip side to making a big deal out of something they say: it becomes such a powerful term that it becomes indelible in their minds. Hopefully, ignoring it will make it lose interest, and most of the time he's just saying it randomly amidst a lot of other chatter to no one in particular. But there are times Gabriel says it angrily, with meaning and eye contact, and that's just plain rude. He's been on timeouts a few times for it today, but for me to time him out for every casual utterance just wouldn't be practical. What would Supernanny do?!

Julian busied himself today picking oxalis flowers (a very pretty weed) from our backyard. Just like his Grandpa Jim; Julian seems to love fresh flowers.

He might look innocent, but he's also been really trying my patience lately too. Fortunately, his offenses don't turn into full-scale battle as they used to with Gabriel, but Julian got timed out several times today, and swatted on his botttm once, for hitting me with a straight arm with all his might. His physical might, anyway -- his emotional might withers quickly when scolded, unlike his wily brother. But not enough to prevent him doing it again.

Aside from the various time-out-able transgressions today, both boys were pretty good.

In other news, our red oak flooring is getting installed in our bedroom! I still have a long list of things that need to be decided upon, ordered or bought, but we're getting closer and closer to having our room back. I'm still not feeling anything close to 100%, and various ailments come and go all the time, but it's all been more manageable.

There are always twitches and little muscle spasms around my expanding abdomen (I am really popping out!), but last night I thought I felt some little blips that were deeper inside. I'm not really sure, but it puts me in the zone of "if it keeps up, I'll know what it is." They say you feel a baby earlier with each pregnancy; this one would be at 15 weeks if that's really what it is. I'm happy to say that baby#3 hasn't been on my mind as much, because constant sickness isn't forcing it. And constant attention to rambunctious little boys forces it away!

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