Saturday, April 22, 2006

Julian's first soccer class

Finally! Julian's soccer class wasn't rained or soaked out. I didn't get to see personally, but Dave reported that it was a decent class. It's for 2 to 3-1/2 year olds, which is quite a range of ability, and heavily depends on parent participation. Dave said Julian was pretty good at the kicking, but pretty slow at the running, though he is among the youngest in the class. I'm glad that Dave is learning how to teach Julian soccer too, it'll give them something to practice for fun.

The real success was Dave taking Julian to Bobbi's single-handedly after the soccer class. Dave wasn't sure at first; Julian can be pretty pesty with table manners. But without the influence of his brother, he was wonderful. There's always the advantage with Julian that he likes to eat, and eat he did -- bacon, eggs, pancake. Dave does a treat with boys at the end of the meal, by spreading jelly on pancake pieces. This time, Julian wanted to try spreading the jelly himself, using a knife and scooping jelly out of those tiny plastic restaurant containers, then spreading it on the pancake -- and he did really well at it. Gabriel's never even tried!

Meanwhile, I was stumbling my way through an aerobics class at the gym, with Gabriel happily playing in the gym daycare. I'm making an effort to exercise more, but that effort has coincided with a fresh bout of stomach pain, feeling sick and nasty heartburn. It brings me down emotionally even more than physically because it's been going on for so long, and when it returns after even a mild abatement, it's very depressing. I just want to lie down and put a heating pad on my tummy and watch something engaging on TV.

I'm quite certain now (well, 95%) that some of the twitching I've been feeling isn't just little spasms. Some of it is too deep and too consistent not to be the baby. I'll say for certain in a few days, but I think baby#3 made his or her presence known to me, aside from the black eye, at just 15 weeks.

We went to a wedding celebration for our friends Charles and Sara this afternoon, and had a nice time socializing, and for me, lots of yummy little tarts! Sara, the bride, and another woman Tara, are both pregnant with their firsts. It was fun talking to first-timers, with all their newness and anticipation of the whole experience. I haven't thought of pregnancy as fun at all lately, so it was a nice break. I had to chuckle when Charles semi-joked that any arguments about sock color with a toddler would be taken care of forcefully once, and that would be that. Uh-huh, yeah, sure! Good luck with that!

Sara, who's due July 26, says she feels great after yoga classes. If I can't find a pool with lap swim times that will work, yoga might be a very reasonable alternative. Or addition!

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