Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gabriel and Julian go to Shoreline

I had a horrible night last night, awake and tossing and turning in pain for about an hour, setting us up for a screwed-up day. I tried to sleep late, but Julian was being testy and difficult, and I finally groggily got up to make the usual Sunday morning fare. Finally by 1:30, usually Julian's naptime, I got the boys' shoes on and took them out. I needed to get out more than they did, I think!

At the last minute, I had a brainstorm: Shoreline park in Mountain View. It has a sailing lake, for windsurfing and boating, and trails along the bay where you can bike, rollerblade, and birdwatch. First we went to the sailing lake, where I discovered you can rent a paddleboat for $16 an hour -- I'd have done it with the boys if we were better prepared with windbreakers! Next time.

We walked around the lake, then on a paved trail and found a little kids play area. After some running around, boat-watching and a snack, we made our way back across a field, then along another trail back to the car.

Nice cloudy days are a common occurrence here these days, and something I've come to enjoy (especially for photos, though I didn't get many good ones). We'll certainly have to go back when we're prepared to go on the boat, I think the boys will love that!

I noted with a twinge that all the boats (paddleboats, kayaks and rowboats) seat only 4 people.

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