Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mom's new class

I did something tonight I've wanted to do ALL my life: I took an ice-skating lesson!

I signed up for a 13-week class on Thursday nights, and tonight was the first class (actually, the second one; I missed the first one). I started out in the ultra-lame class for people who've never skated, but apparently I'd learned just enough in the class Gabriel and I took for the teacher to move me to a slightly more advanced class. The new teacher was a lot better, the class was smaller, and it was a perfect level for me. I learned "edge pulls," two ways of stopping, forward crossovers and swizzles (to skate backward). Then after class, the rink opened up and I got to practice for a while, though it was pretty crowded.

I had so much fun I'm not even thinking about how difficult it will be to do stuff like that again when baby#3 comes about, though I got back to Saturday morning dance classes sooner after Julian was born than Gabriel. The only danger in skating is that the bending forward slightly feels like it could strain my fragile lower back. I'll only be skating once a week, so hopefully that won't cause any problems. Unlike roller skating, I didn't fall at all.

Time to get my own skates!

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