Monday, April 24, 2006

Julian's rainbows

This morning at breakfast, Julian took apple slices out of the bowl, took one bite from the middle, and then set the slices peel-up on the table. "Look!" he exclaimed. "Rainbows!"

Dave and I had our final appointment with the child psychologist, Dr. Laurie today. The long and short of it is that while there are some aspects of Gabriel's play that raise some red flags (such as his lack of symbolic play, like making rainbows out of apple slices), there's nothing that needs treatment or anything. We'll keep an eye on it, and if any problems develop, we'll contact the school district for a cognitive assessment. One interesting thing is that his speech delay rules out the Asperger's variety of spectrum disorders. The things we needed help with, which were his tantrums and conflicts, have improved a great deal. This is the second time we've sought professional help for behavior problems, only for them to sort themselves out right around our first appointment!

Julian's just figured out how to pedal a tricycle. He goes around the house now, very slowly and deliberately -- that particular tricycle isn't that easy to pedal -- dismounting from time to time when he hits a dead end or has to reposition it. I'm glad; it's a nice sign that outings with the whole family on wheeled vehicles (with baby#3 in a trailer or baby seat) is in sight.

After another troublesome get-down-for-nap episode with Julian (which turned into a 3-hour nap!), I came downstairs to find that Gabriel had decided to take a nap too -- right on the living-room floor!

Tonya's back open, no one was sick today, and I actually had a little time at home alone without anyone here. I'm torn between joy and relief, and guilt at this joy and relief! I've been very short with the boys lately, because I'm still constantly uncomfortable and tired, and Gabriel's new rambunctiousness can be very wearing, though I always enjoy his energy and joie de vivre, even at the same time he's using it for irritating purposes.

I'm now entirely certain that baby#3 is trying to burrow his/her way out. The movements are like sudden tiny jabs, with much more force than you'd expect for someone who's only 3 inches long. I recall now that Julian was like that too, but Gabriel was calmer at first, like he was just feeling his way around. Goes to show how little in-utero movement says about the kid later! Then again, later, Gabriel's movements were much quicker and more frequent, whereas Julian's were slower but grander, causing a lot more pressure. Of course, this baby has already done a marvelous job of making itself known.

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