Saturday, April 29, 2006

Julian's soccer class

I meant to take Gabriel to the gym for a class this morning, but he woke up unusually late, at 9:00am. So, I took him to watch Julian's soccer class, as I'd wanted to see it and get some pictures anyway. It was pretty cute! They did little 5-minute drills of kicking the ball through a hoop, then having the kid go through the hoop, or chasing the grownup who had a "tail" (a cloth) in his pocket, dribbling the ball together, and of course, GOAL!

I was surprised once again, though I shouldn't be based on gymnastics class experience, at the number of parents & kids who arrive late. And, how parents of the class afterward let their kids wander onto the field and potentially get in the way before the class is completely over. I mentioned to Dave that that sort of behavior would never fly at a dojo, and he looked at me like I'd just spoken Japanese. A dojo! A martial-arts studio. Maybe even at dojos things are less formal than they used to be, but I guess I'm old-fashioned about some basic courtesies (though being on time with little kids I fully recognize as being pretty difficult...then again, we always manage, and it's not like we have particularly efficient or agreeable kids!).

Julian seemed to have a great time -- kicking a ball is definitely his thing.

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