Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gabriel's beautiful baby

I reminded Gabriel today that we were going to have a baby here, and he said, "Oh good, I like babies!" So I asked him, "Do you want a baby brother, or a baby sister?" and he said, wide-eyed and very sincerely, "A baby sister." Then, after a pause, he added, "A really beautiful one."

Julian went to Tonya's today, having held down his food for 3 days now, thank heavens. I jump every time he opens his mouth wide open, sticks his tongue out and makes a gagging sound -- which he does frequently just to be a goofball!

Though I still have reservations about the preschool/daycare Gabriel is going to, today when I picked him up, he hopped and skipped holding my hand as we walked to the car. It reminded me of his cousin Aidan coming off the airplane when the Engel family came to visit last August; just a happy innocent expression of enjoyment. I remember Sadie's mom telling me how Sadie cried and cried whenever she picked Sadie up from her new preschool (so much so that Sadie is now going back to Tonya's!). It makes such a difference to know that your kid is happy. That, to me, makes his "new preschool" is a success.

Gabriel now remembers the name of some of the kids he plays with, though he always starts with Kenda. His class is mostly boys, so I'm not surprised he finally remembers Bill and Ping and Andrew, and another girl he always says he doesn't know her name. He's so much more interested in the girls! But I'm so glad he's playing with lots of other kids his age. He seems really happy.

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Laura R. said...

How cute that Gabriel wants a beautiful little sister. Not that it really matters (or any of us can control the sex of the new baby), but both Ryan and I would love to have a pretty little niece!