Monday, April 10, 2006

Julian's tummy

We thought Julian was in the clear Sunday. A late, lazy day started with him eating just a little cereal, and his mood was great. Though it was threatening rain, I took the boys to Serra Park just to get out. Gabriel liked pushing a dump truck around the water poles, and Julian of course liked kicking a ball. I'd have to see other 2-year-olds to know for sure, but my goodness, he does seem good at kicking the ball! They were having so much fun I was almost grateful when it started to rain in earnest and I had a good excuse to get them home and Julian down for a nap.

But Sunday night, Julian woke out of a dead sleep and threw up all over his bed, carpet, pajamas, himself. So I kept him out of daycare again today (Monday) and took him to the pediatrician. She said they've been seeing alot of gastroenteritis, but he has no other symptoms, other than loss of appetite and throwing up every 24 hours or so. So, stay the course: give him only mild foods, try to get him to drink, and see if this passes.

I offered Julian a "little milk" yesterday, and he said, "No, BIG milk!". I guess he's learning his opposites!

Today after Julian's nap, I was perusing a vacation rental Web site, and ended up looking at exotic places that aren't in our immediate future, partly just to show the boys some fun pictures. I asked them, "What do you think about...the BAHAMAS!" and Gabriel said, "Oh, yeah, I love that place!" Then, after a pause, he added, "Do they have any toys there?".

Cross your fingers for Julian's tummy!

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