Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gabriel's banner day

Today I had a lot of time with Gabriel. Dave took Julian to his first soccer class (which turned out to be cancelled due to rain-soaked fields), while I took Gabriel on Cupertino's annual Big Bunny Fun Run. It's a 5K race that also has a 1.5-mile walking route, which Betsy and I did (walked, that is, and she had Gina and Andrew with her). Afterward, there's a raffle, and food, and a bunny handing out candy.

I couldn't believe how many little kids were running the 5K race -- maybe someday Gabriel and I would run that, who knows! If we could keep up with Gina, that is.

We met Dave and Julian for breakfast at Bobbi's, the first time for all four of us in a long time. Julian had had some cereal that morning, acting like he was starving, so we thought he was past his stomach thing. Nope -- he threw up all over our table, himself and the floor, and we had to ditch our food, strip him down to a shirt, and take him straight home for a bath. He was cheerful and happy all day, but he must have been hungry. Still, all I dared give him the rest of the day was a few pieces of bread and a banana.

Later, Gabriel and Julian played together amazingly well for over an hour -- garbage play. Last year, Bonne Maman gave Gabriel a book called "I STINK!" about NYC garbage trucks, and they've rediscovered the book, and are really into garbage (gee thanks Mom!). They LOVE the alphabetical list of garbage in the book, and now they dump toys into dump trucks and push them around the house pretending they're garbage. We've had to curtail the garbage talk at the dinner table though.

Then Gabriel and I drove to Felton, in the Santa Cruz mountains, for Nick's 4th birthday party, a train-themed party. Perfect! I had hoped to give Gabriel some real lunch there, but instead, he gorged on pinata candy, then a beautiful train birthday cake that Lacy made. He also had a great time in the jump house, and of course, playing with a train table.

Bunnies, candy, jump house, trains, and birthday cake -- it doesn't get much better than that!

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