Monday, April 03, 2006

Gabriel's first day of "new" preschool

Today Gabriel started at Kids Inc, a preschool/daycare right down the road. We'd been talking about it with him so he wouldn't be surprised, but really, even if he had been surprised, I'm sure he'd have taken it in stride. It was hard to get worried about him not adapting or being anxious or shy. That's just not Gabriel.

And indeed, our lack of concern was justified. When we first arrived, he was cautious, but very interested and introduced himself and told his age when prompted. I familiarized myself and him with the routine (where to put coats, etc), and then his teacher skillfully started to shoo me out, clearly prepared for the lingering parent and the fretful child. In fact, while I was asking her one last question, Gabriel discovered the train table -- he didn't even look at me after that!

When I picked him up, the teacher reported that he'd been just fine, he participated in class, ate his lunch and went along with the program. He took home a little art piece (just some foam animals glued to a paper plate) and the work they'd done that day on the letter D. Though he couldn't tell us anyone's names (his teacher or classmates), he seemed to have enjoyed it, despite the rainy indoor day. All in all, a success.

The best part is that Julian was in a really good mood when I picked him up from Tonya's! I'd forgotten that one of the reasons for a new preschool for Gabriel was so that they have some time apart. My theory that they would fight less was shot within 10 minutes of arriving home, but I'm still optimistic that some separation will have a positive effect on them. I'm sure it did Julian some good to have Gabriel off his back for the morning. And me.

Not relevant to today, but here's Julian watching Nemo while Dave was sick yesterday. Very typical Julian: clutching Julius, his beloved monkey, and always sitting with crossed feet!

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