Thursday, May 18, 2006

5/18/06 Gabriel and Julian nap

A much better day than yesterday, even though there was more potential for failure since I had the boys all day. It definitely seems our Tuesdays and Thursdays go better than our MWF afternoons together.

Still, it's hard to go wrong starting off the day with swim class, they both love it. Gabriel is doing just great -- using his arms in a crawl, and then he rolls over to his back really well now (a precursor to learning to take breaths, I think).

I still needed an afternoon nap, but after yesterday's nap ordeal with Julian, I waited longer to try to get him down. Meantime, the boys had fun playing outside together, on the tricycle and with their new sanddozers. They played a lot together today, mostly pretty well. I think I only had to shout "GABRIEL!" when I heard Julian crying three or four times.

Then when it was time for a nap, I went through the usual routine, including a new book (Dr. Seuss' "There's a Wocket in my Pocket"). Julian resisted getting into bed, as per new usual, but I gave him just one chance -- one countdown and then I'd get the "crib." When I returned with said crib, he was lying in bed, and there he stayed for another 3 hours. Finally! He really needed a good solid nap.

When I returned from an unusually successful getting-down-for-nap, I found Gabriel asleep on our bed too. Perfect! I lay down and napped with him for about an hour. He woke up just as I did, and just looked at me at first, then sleepily blinked. I blinked back at him. Then he blinked back at me, and we went back and forth a few times like this until he burst out laughing.

I went back to my ice skating class tonight, after missing last week because of our trip. We had a different teacher this time, and she gave us lots of detail that I was surprised she'd bother with at our pathetic level. But what a difference! I think I actually felt what an edge is like, and my attempts at forward crossovers felt completely different. It's so much fun, I can't believe I waited this long in life to try skating. After that, I joined my mom friends for Coffee Night and an extended gossip session.

When I left for the evening, we went through the usual ritual of lots of hugs and kisses. I never mind this making me late, it's so sweet! The boys each have to give me one last hug, one more kiss, now the other side, big kiss, little kiss, rabbit kiss. Now they're starting it with Dave when he leaves in the morning. I just love it, that makes up for so much. Though today, there wasn't much making up for to do -- it's striking how much better afternoons go when everyone gets a decent nap.

Tomorrow, the boys spend the afternoon and night at Tonya's for sleepover. Yay! I have a lot to do tomorrow, but I'm especially planning on getting lots of rest. At least my sick feelings have stabilized somewhat. They go on and off all day, but a little bit more predictably than before, and with fewer extremes, but still. Blah. At almost 20 weeks along now, I think my stomach issues are in it for the long haul.


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