Monday, June 12, 2006

6/12/06 Mom falls behind

Bad blogger! Bad blogger! I know, I know, there's no need to "keep up," but wasn't that why I started this? The urge is certainly still there, but it seems that opportunity to write conflicts with bouts of feeling horrible. Or, feeling so well that I don't feel like sitting and writing.

Not last night. It took hours to be able to lie down without intense stomach pain, and then only after I gave in and took a tylenol with codeine. At dinner, there was nonstop relentless pressure on my stomach from what felt like gas, but who knows. In some ways, October seems so close, like in terms of getting our upstairs finished by then...but in other ways, October seems SO far away, like if I'm going to suffer for four solid months again!

At least the past few weeks I've been keeping a pretty good exercise regimen. Monday mornings I try to swim a little, usually only having time for 10-15 minutes, but then I go to the fitness room and stretch, do pushups, and a little bit of weights. Then Monday nights, I try to get to prenatal yoga. Tuesdays and Thursdays, more swimming, stretching, pushups and weights. Wednesdays, conditioning class at my longtime gym. Fridays, Ballecore (combination of ballet, yoga and pilates). And, of course, Thursday nights, skating, though I only have two more classes. Saturday mornings...I try to swim at the Y also, but that's dicey, since the Childwatch doesn't open until 8:30, but the lap swim closes at 8:55, so it's a pretty small window. (Dave takes Julian to soccer, and I bring Gabriel to the Y with me.)

Last Thursday, my friend Beth (who can actually skate) met me at the rink and we skated together after my class. She got a few pictures of my class, though the lighting in there makes for horrible photos. Here we are learning "spirals", really just an arabesk on skates (that's me all the way on the right). I'm really stuck on backward crossovers, that's what I most wanted to learn and I just can't do it!

Gabriel and Julian have been pretty good lately, for them, though rambunctious. They had an unusual weekend in that Dave went away for the weekend for a Rallycross class, so they got grumpy, sick me to themselves! Still, the weekend was rescued by the fact that I had a scrapbooking date with my mom pals, so I got Peggy to take care of the boys on Saturday. They were SO excited to see her, and waited for her on the front porch. Peggy left during Julian's nap, and when he woke up, he said on and off for hours, "I'm sad because Peggy's gone," then he'd forget she was gone and wander around the house calling, "Peggy, where ARE you?!". I'm sad that Peggy is expecting her 2nd baby in August and I'll probably won't call on her around then, though she never says no. Of course, I'm very happy for her, she's a great mom. I wish I could be 1/100th as calm as she is.

Two mornings ago, Julian came into our bedroom while I was still in bed, and piped, "Hi, Mommy!" Then, "let me see your hands....hey, your fingers are too long!".

Gabriel came out with something yesterday in the bathtub about having a baby in his tummy. I chuckled and told him no, only Mommies have babies in their tummies. "Not Daddies?!" he said genuinely.

Other times, he sees me chewing gum and asks me about it, and I tell him it's icky, it's only to get bad tastes out of my mouth, because I'm going to have a baby. Then he asked once, "Is the gum going to make the baby come out?". Oh, if only!

Julian pulled a plastic bag out of a crate where I keep them (in his reach, I'm sorry to say), and wanted to play with it over his head. Though I doubt he'd suffocate, it's just not a good idea, so I suggested a paper bag instead. Then, following Stephanie's lead, I cut eyeholes out for him. This turned into making the boys "masks," which they were delighted with. Julian stomps around in big steps, making growling sounds, and calls himself a monster. Amazing how easy it is to please little kids with a little creativity (which is about all I have!)

Lots more to tell, but I've got to go have breakfast.


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