Wednesday, June 14, 2006

6/14/06 Gabriel and Julian sing

I'm getting more and more comments about Gabriel singing all the time! Today it was his former teacher at Kids Inc, who said another mom asked about him humming and singing as he plays. The teacher noticed it too. Our next-door neighbor also asked too, and on and off I've heard other comments too. Of course, most kids like to sing, but I'm getting enough comments from various sources that makes me think that Gabriel does it more than most kids, at least, around other people. At home, he sings to himself ALL the time as he's playing.

Thing is, he really didn't start doing that until Julian did. Julian actually sings more, and more creatively. Julian answers questions in song sometimes, or he'll make up new words to a tune, or make up a song altogether, or just sing something he knows while he's in the car. They sing together quite a bit, sometimes not even looking at each other, just singing along while they work on something. Other times, they make up a song and words and laugh together as they work it out.

It's only now dawning on me that it might be more prevalent in them than many of their peers. It reminds me of when Gabriel was a toddler and I'd tell people he liked to spin things, and most would answer that their toddler did too. But I realized later that Gabriel really really liked to spin things and did it far, far more than most other kids (to the point that it was a flag for PDD, Pervasive Development Disorder). Similarly with his lengthy and frequent tantrums, it took some years before I connected that I was living in a different tantrum world than most other moms. And so now with singing, I'm starting to wonder if Gabriel and Julian individually, and together, really sing quite a lot (where "a lot" means relative to typical little-kid singing). So I wonder if I should put them in a boys' chorus or something? In any case, it's a delightful, sweet characteristic. Not every talent or interest HAS to be followed up with a class, of course.

Last weekend, Dave was away at a Rallycross school on Saturday, and a competition on Sunday, at Thunderhill racetrack in Willows, CA. He talked our friend Paul into going, which meant great pictures. (That's Dave driving with an instructor in the car with him.)

Meanwhile, I went scrapbooking with my friends on Saturday, but first took Julian to his usual soccer class. Sunday, my mom's group had a picnic and I took the boys there, along with some Rice Krispies treats that Gabriel "helped" me make. Gabriel had a great time on this turning play structure, that my mom friend Sandy and her husband Cliff spent a lot of time turning kids on -- I think they were having more fun than the kids! Naturally, Gabriel was surrounded by girls. He seems to prefer that!Of course, Julian found a ball (also Sandy's), though was fascinated by Cassie playing in some dumped-out ice.

While we were at the park last Sunday, Julian came to me and said he had to "go poops," to my surprise. His poop training is back on track at home, but rarely if he's outside. This time, he was at a fun, distracting park and had to come find me to tell me. Good for him! After our June-July trip East, or perhaps even during, it's underpants time for him. I'd do it now, except I really don't want to deal with a new potty-trainer on a trip, in unfamiliar surroundings, airplanes, long car trips, etc. I've got to get him some fun underpants, that sort of incentive will go a long way. Gabriel still has the first set of underpants I ever got him (the Nemos), which he's had for almost 2 years now. They still fit fine, and are holding up great (Hanes), but do look a little dingy by now.

Yesterday morning, Julian came into our bedroom while I was just getting up, and climbed onto the bed and under the covers to join me. "I come seep with you," he said, then "I get under banket, there, all tuck in. You on dat side, I on dis side. We all tuck in under banket, both together." This sort of monologue is very typical of him, a play-by-play as he goes about some little task. Just about every day, I'm surprised to hear some new term from him -- not just vocabulary, but concepts, like "both" and "together." I really shouldn't be surprised; he's been saying things like that for months, but there's so much of it I have to remind myself he's only 2-1/2 and many of his 2004 peers are still just putting words together.

His excellent language completely changes how I interact with him as compared to Gabriel at this age, who was just starting to say a few words. I think of Julian as a much older kid, much less a baby, and have little conversations with him, consult him on things, explain things to him. I did with Gabriel too, but on a much different level because I didn't get any feedback. Julian also remembers things, nothing like his cousin Aidan, but this morning he commented that he has a baby in his tummy. I explained that only mommies have babies in their tummies, but I was surprised that he remembered this from a few days back. I shouldn't be, really, but Gabriel is only now coming out of his strong tendency to live and think entirely in the present, so I'm more used to that. Of course, I know that by the time he's in preschool, his peers will have caught up; really, there's really no long-term meaning to having been language-advanced, but it sure does make for a very different toddler experience. Then again, so does having a moderately sensitive, agreeable toddler!

Are Gabriel and Julian going to be the next hit brother singing act? :)


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