Tuesday, November 28, 2006

11/28/06 Successes and failures

Only moments to type here...

Made it to the Y this morning, and put Julian and Katrina in the Childwatch! I got 50 minutes' workout in. Success!

Tried to take Julian to the park, but Katrina fussed and cried pitifully. Failure!

At home, she nursed me dry and then slept for 4 hours, including an interruption to go pick up Gabriel. Success!

Julian agreeable about a nap. Success!

A nice relaxed afternoon with Gabriel. Got some scrapbooking in, and then a photo session with a happy baby and proud older brother. Success!

Some nasty redeye in these photos. Failure!

I like the 'S' shape of Katrina's feet together (success!) though once again my photography skill shortchanges the subject (failure!).

Gabriel colored another truck picture, very proud of himself. Success!

Later, Gabriel went upstairs and woke Julian up from his nap. Failure!

I heard Gabriel scolding Julian, then hitting sounds, then Julian crying. Found Julian with a bleeding lip and crying about his nose hurting. Failure!

Gabriel sent to his room, then slammed the door and kicked it. Consequence: door must stay closed for the remainder of his sentence. But he kept opening it, despite threat of, then ultimate action of, spanking. I'm greatly summarizing, there was a lot more to the conflict, and it escalated to the point that I was livid and screaming at him for his continuous defiance. Gabriel ended up crying and saying he wanted hugs, yet still refused to keep the door closed. Meantime, Katrina was screaming downstairs too. I broke down while trying to make dinner, it was just too much. I love him so much, why do we have to have these horrible blowouts? I felt bad for Katrina having me as a mother. Huge, huge failure.

The flooring contractors are coming tomorrow, and we won't have access to upstairs for 5-6 days. So tonight we had to get all laundry done, bring down bedding and clothes and linens for the boys to sleep in the living room. Major pain in the rear getting everything together. But we did it. Success!

Gabriel acted up again during bedtime, hitting Dave with his Teddy Bear and having it confiscated and put on a huge fit about that. Plus the major fit from both boys when blocks were confiscated after not being picked up after numerous warnings. So much for being consistent about consequences and kids learning from it. Hah. They have more confiscated toys in the garage now than inside the house. Failure!

Katrina up to her old tricks this evening: crying heartily after being fed and changed, apparently tired but refusing to stay asleep. 11pm, I think she's finally surrended. Success!

That baby has twice as much energy as her brothers put together at this age. She had a lot of nice cooey gooey happy moments today, despite a few serious crying fits. Just like me.


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