Saturday, December 02, 2006

12/2/06 Hangin' and swingin'

Dave kept Katrina calm for a few minutes this morning while I got myself together, joined by Gabriel. The three of them hanging out together was very sweet.

Usually we use the pacifier only for getting her to sleep, and even then not always, but nothing else would settle her this morning (I'd just nursed her). Finally I was able to wrap her up and get her to sleep, slightly elevated on a wedge-shaped pillow. Poor thing had a hard time hanging on to sleep this morning because of an ongoing stuffy nose.

Katrina tried out Saul's swing at Sara's birthday party today, and she LOVED it! I'd be tempted to get one, except: 1) our house without any one grand big open space just doesn't lend itself well to things like that; and 2) I know how quickly babies outgrow things like that. She'll be sitting up in another 4 months, and that's not enough longevity to make me want to buy a swing. Still, the effect on her was impressive.

Despite lots of snuffling and crying when she couldn't stay asleep, Katrina had lots of delightful, adorable, full-face smiling moments today, and lots of amazing coo sounds. One nice thing about the experience I have now with babies is that I really do know how it just keeps getting better.


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