Wednesday, December 27, 2006

12/27/06 A Windy Day

The morning bode very, very poorly.

First, Katrina decided to have some Happy Baby Fun Time at 3:30am, something she hasn't done in weeks. Plus getting me up twice. So I was tired this morning.

Next, the painters were here today. Which means, keeping the family room fairly cleaned up, and Julian has to nap in the living room, which at the moment is still filled with toys and gifts.

Then we lost power for nearly 2 hours, due to a windstorm. Of course, I didn't know how long the power would be out, so I was glad I had a place to go (the Y). The power came back on at 12:00...12:00...12:00...12:00...just kidding. It came back on just as we were leaving.

My survival strategy for this childcare-free week is to go to the Y every morning. I'm gladder I joined now than ever. I put all three kids in the Childwatch today, no charge for the first 90 minutes! And today was a big day, because Julian graduated to the big kids' Childwatch, by virtue of being 3 (and potty-trained).

I took a "yogalates" class, a combination of yoga and pilates, and I really liked it. Then I went to the fitness area and ran on the treadmill for -- get this -- FIVE WHOLE MINUTES. Yes, I'm that pathetic at running. Then a quick runthrough my arm weights, as I was quickly running out of time. I felt great having gotten exercise though. It's impossible to maintain my pregnancy habit of 6 days a week, but I'm sure going to shoot for it. Exercise is the absolute best thing for my mood and outlook, as well as headaches.

After the Y, I tried to go to Trader Joe's in Los Altos, but it was closed due to a power outage! Instead, we managed a grocery trip to PW (we were desperately low on milk), a struggle since the boys were rambunctious and Katrina was hungry and tired. But despite the windy and quasi-rainy conditions outdoors, we pulled it off. Actually, the wind made the boys pay attention and not screw around in the parking lots.

Katrina set a new record today: four outfits due to spitup soaking!

In fact, this interrupted a photo session. We were cranking nicely along with an attempt at photos of her semi-sitting:

Then the inevitable.

A wardrobe adjustment.

Oh never mind, I give up!

Gabriel spent the afternoon making a "tunnel" for his train track, out of Julian's Architectural Blocks. He even cleaned up the family room first, including tucking the couch's slipcover in! You can see how it's sort of pulled up in the photo. Then he excitedly pulled me into the family room to show off his handiwork.

He wanted me to take pictures of him jumping over his train track. The white train is his new Brio "passenger train" that Julian "gave" him for Christmas.

Another crummy camera video of Julian entertaining Katrina yesterday.

I can't wait to see what classes the Y has tomorrow morning!


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