Saturday, March 10, 2007

3/10/07 Scrap Day!

Despite too little, and too-interrupted, sleep last night, I was excited about going to scrapbook with my Mom friends today. It was great looking at other people's ideas, from Betsy's clean and simple style, to Kristi's straightforward but decorated with flair pages, to Lacy's famous masterpieces. And we had enough yak time to yak about things other than our kids!

I worked on a labor-intensive but simple page that's downright goofy. It's fun to do those sometimes. This page doesn't need journaling to explain that it's about Gabriel's 5th birthday. Hmm, but it could use a birthday cake embellishment!

Our sitter worked out great. We've used Danielle once before, in 2005, but we only had the two boys then. Danielle is Kristi's nanny, so she's already an expert at three kids. She reported that Katrina was great, didn't cry much, ate well, went to sleep easily. Whew. She took the boys out bicycling and had an episode in which Gabriel got out of sight, for which he got a very stern talking-to by Dad later. Danielle had no trouble with all the things involved in the care and feeding and entertainment of little kids, and she takes it all in stride, much like Peggy. Such a calming influence is a wonderful trait in a sitter. In a person, really. I've often wondered what it would be like to be a calm cool cucumber, instead of the scatterbrained, hyper, compulsive stressball that I am.

Dave went for a motorcycle ride! First lunch in Boulder Creek with Kevin, then the old 100-Mile Classic. He reported that Tunitas Creek Road is still a highlight. Ah, we had many, many rides tearing down that road, rocking over every bump and hole and patch. If I was in good form, he couldn't shake me, and I'd be right with him around the tight corners. Our most fun roads were often the exact opposite of what sport-riders look for: trashy, bumpy, tight, where 30mph is fast. Skyline Boulevard? Mere transit, a highway to get to the good stuff. Maybe the way to meld my two lives is to retro-scrap some of my old moto-life. Someday.


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