Friday, March 09, 2007

3/9/07 Katrina gets a new sweater

Some goodies in the mail today. Look at this beautiful, adorable sweater from Bonne Maman!

You can't see it in the photo so well, but it has some lovely detail, including a triangle-border collar, and some triangle details on the sleeves and bottom hem, made out of contrasting garter stitch. And the color...I love it! I love these strong colors on Katrina. Gabriel was very excited by the flower buttons: "I've never seen buttons like that before!" And isn't Katrina just unbelievably cute in it. Thanks Bonne Maman!

Katrina woke up twice last night, then was up for good at 6:15am. Urgh. This made for an exhausting morning, making me use my baby-free Friday morning to catch up on sleep. But that's as good a reason as any, I suppose.

Another photo for another long-overdue thank-you note. I'm not sure this is the one I'll use, but it sure is a cute picture. Katrina LOVES this soft kitty from Wendy, something of an in-law relation to us. How sweet of Wendy to get our third baby the same sort of ultra-soft toy that Aunt Brittany would have picked. Julius the monkey is still Julian's absolute favorite.

Gabriel helped me practice Katrina on the bottle yesterday, quickly discovering that bottle-feeding is uncomfortable and boring. I agree. But at least she's taking the bottle, with formula, reliably now. One other downside to formula: bad baby breath. Blah!

Funny kid comment of the yesterday: After music class, I strapped Julian into the car, then sat down in the front passenger seat in front of him, to nurse Katrina. Julian asked me why I was sitting there and I explained that I was feeding the baby. Unsatisfied, he asked again, "But who's going to drive the car?"


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