Monday, June 18, 2007

6/18/07 Happy baby

Just to complete the record, the Father's Day photo gifts.

But what better Father's Day gift than a happy, charming, delightful, fun baby? Today Katrina was in fabulous form, outdoing herself being outrageously, relentlessly funny and sweet.

And, I believe, she's officially sleeping through the night, if a full week counts. Today she woke up at 8am!! It helps when her brothers don't make a huge ruckus in front of her door at 6am (or worse, at 5:30am as they did, ironically, on Father's Day). I've had to put her back to bed a few times, like last night at 1:30am, when she coughed herself awake, but I don't count that. When that happens, I pick her up, sniff for diaper stinkers, hold her and see if the cuddle-drought continues (it does), put her back down, and hand her a dry corner of her favorite sucking blanket. And, she goes right back to sleep. Goooood baby.

Still no signs of crawling, but she's trying to reach farther out. I guess that's a start, though she gets stuck sometimes.

This joy made up for a lot today. First, I had a horrible headache again -- was I really in for a 5th Monday in a row of migraines?!

And, I couldn't nap it off this morning, since we had a carpet installer banging on the stairs. I gathered every ounce of energy I had and dragged us all to the Y instead, where Katrina ended up napping. I guess that was just as well, since no one was going to nap at home with that racket going on.

Later, our remodeling plumber showed up because of a wonderful new leak downstairs, from upstairs, which appears to be a tiling/sealing problem instead of a plumbing problem.

I seem to be permanently scarred from our year-long upstairs remodel, because any contractor showing up, no matter how courteous, how on-time, how helpful, or how necessary they are, I resent the intrusion. I know it's not their fault, but I just don't want them there.

Our generic term for contractors are "carpenters," which is how I described the carpet installer today to Julian. For once, the description made sense to Julian: "Oh that makes sense -- the carpenter is installing the carpent!" Thank goodness Julian was cooperative about a nap today. And thank goodness that the brief snooze I was able to get, curtailed by a cough, was enough to get me over the hump and get past a headache without prescription drugs.

Gabriel's first day at Collins CDC went great! Dave dropped him off, and said his new teacher talked right away about getting Gabriel comfortable, helping him transition to a new place...Dave shrugged it all off, as I would have. In fact, I almost forgot to remind Gabriel last night that he was going somewhere new tomorrow. We're so blase about this, because new situations are non-events for him. He adapts so, so easily, or, put another way, he just doesn't seem to care much one way or another. I guess there are advantages to a tough skin. I have to remind myself that the other two might actually need some support, comfort and...what's that other thing they're supposed to get...oh yeah, parenting, in new situations.

Gabriel said it went "mostly well." I pressed him on "mostly," and he related a story that he only had two big Lego blocks, and some other kid had more. So Gabriel said he pointed this out to the other kid and told him it wasn't fair and he should share, and apparently the other kid told him where to go. Gabriel said he told the other kid "Fine, I won't be your friend," and that was it. I'd love to know what the real story is, but I don't doubt that Gabriel made a demand of a bigger, older kid, which other than a few other kindergartners, they all are. I'm glad he's going to get shot down, actually.

Tomorrow he goes on a field trip to Great America, a HUGE amusement park. Thank goodness it's them and not me!


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