Monday, June 18, 2007

Julian's lips

I've always thought Julian had the most beautiful mouth, since he was born.

I still think that -- his lips are full, his mouth a beautiful shape. And he is a fantastic kisser, having practiced since he was 7 months old and made kisses all the time. Where did this feature come from? It's not characteristic of anyone in his immediate family.

Today I was doing basic triage on a box of random old photos from my Dad's family, and came across an old army photo of my grandfather, who we knew as Daddy Jay. Well, referred to as Daddy Jay -- my only memory of him was attending his funeral in Boston when I was about 5. What little we know of Daddy Jay was that he was a civil engineer, a career military man (Army Corps of Engineers, I think?), and attended but didn't graduate from MIT. My father used to tell us fantastic stories of Daddy's Jay's exploits -- discovering the North Pole and the Equator, for instance (we bought this for years!).

But who knew that a piece of Daddy Jay would show up decades after he passed.

Look at those puckers. Is there any doubt that Julian is his great-grandson?!

I'm still searching our ancestry for an explanation for Gabriel.

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