Saturday, June 02, 2007

6/2/07 Gabriel's new bike

Gabriel got a new bicycle today!

I know, I know, what did he do to deserve this?

Well, actually, once he dropped the stubborn attitude and hence the training wheels, his old bike looked too small. And he's had it for two years now. If bike-riding is going to be a frequent activity, and I hope it is, then it seemed silly to wait for a special occasion for a new bike, especially since special occasions around here are grouped in the winter months.

This one has 16-inch wheels, and is a little big for him, but he'll use it for years. It corners and rolls over bumps much better than his smaller one -- which will become Julian's.

Here he is riding it around the backyard. He really needs a bigger place to ride.

I coupled baby entertainment with a long run at Rancho San Antonio today.

Well, long for me, anyway, about 5 miles all told. For "real" runners, that's barely a warm-up! It felt good though -- especially the downhills.

It's a route I'd done once before (Farm -> Rogue Valley -> Chamise -> Ravensbury -> Farm), and knew was suitable for a jogging stroller: wide relatively smooth trails, and not too hilly. Or so I thought until I had to push the stroller up hills while still maintaining a running gait, barely. Whew! That was tough! And that's on minor, short hills, with my eensy not-even-14-pound baby. I can't imagine if I'd brought 31-pound Julian. Sonia does it pushing her double jogger with both her boys (ages 3yo and 17mo) in it!!

Katrina had a grand time on this outing, not making so much as a "bah-bah" in the hour and a half she sat in the stroller (all told, including stretching and a self-time camera stop).

To me, she's unbelievably cute, but it can't be just my mom-glasses, because at least 4 people slowed down to peek in the stroller, and made "awww" faces.

But to me, the cute is in her manner, as she's been so full of joy lately. If not for the early wakeups, she'd be the perfect baby...if there is such a thing.

Still getting hives though! And, mysterious red patches that come and go all day. The hives are few and far between, but I'm still waiting for a hive-free day. They're certainly not bothering her though, as I have to say again, this baby brims with energy and happiness and delight these days. Which puts me in an awfully good mood. Until about 4am that is!


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