Sunday, June 03, 2007

6/3/07 A do-nothing day

It was so nice out today. Why didn't I get out, or better yet, take kids out, to do something? Well, I guess because I got to sleep late -- really late (like 10:30am!), and that was such a nice feeling. How rare to get up feeling like I actually got up on my own terms and got enough sleep! Many thanks to Dave for that treat.

Still, this set us up for a late day. Katrina also woke up unusually late, which is nice, but it also meant she only ended up taking one nap today (gah!). And that nap was ended by a screaming Julian screaming that he didn't need a nap. Uh-huh.

With Julian and Katrina tag-teaming naps, and Gabriel happily outside helping Dave with yardwork (digging out a sprinkler head is still prime entertainment for 5-year-olds), there wasn't much point to taking kids out anyway. Still, I felt bad for not making a trip to a park with Gabriel's new bicycle happen, or take the boys to the Y to swim.

But if you have to have a baby who only took one nap today, at least it was one who was happy and cheerful and very willing to play with her brothers' toys. And whose brothers are far too willing to play with her. I had to banish Julian to another room several times for incessantly grabbing her feet or hands.

I did an experiment on Katrina today: I showed her a small toy, got her interested in it, then put it inside a box with a hinged lid that she can easily open. Would she go after the toy now that it was out of sight? Nope! Not yet! Just wondering.


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