Saturday, August 11, 2007

8/11/07 The haircuts

It was time. Katrina's "bangs" were wisping down to the bridge of her nose. So when she wasn't (exactly) looking, I managed to hold a little of those wisps between two fingers and get in a hack or two as she flailed her head wildly from side to side.

Some before and after shots:

I think Julian did a better job on his own hair a few weeks ago, but this will have to do.

Dave took the boys to get haircuts today too. This is as cooperative as I could get either of them to be for photos. I used to think the gel job was dorky, but now I love it. I love dorky.

Fortunately we had Peggy today, so that we could do some remodel shopping and be grownups for an evening. It was long overdue.

Speaking of overdue, I haven't had my own hair cut since the day before Katrina was born, unless you count chopping off the very deadest fly-away bits at the end of a ponytail. Another dorky hack job. Maybe I should have Julian do it.


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