Thursday, August 09, 2007

8/9/07 Broccoli

I went running tonight, and wrote a SHORT blog in my head. It went about like this:

Day 5 of migraine. Napped today 'til noon. I SO needed the catch-up.

Gabriel was delayed tonight by a broken-down bus on the way back from a field trip to his first real-live baseball game. He, of course, was thrilled, and delivered the expected analysis upon return: broken driveshaft. Oh.

Julian peacefully munched on raw broccoli stems while I made dinner as a mother of two. How MUCH easier my life is when the boys are apart!

And who knew broccoli stems would make such a tasty treat.

(Man, that boy has a beautiful mouth. His hair on the other hand....)

I attempted one of those cute candid conversations with Julian, but it's pretty mediocre. Here it is anyway.

I don't have a cute photo of Katrina today. This will have to do. She's wearing a spare set of clothes that I sent along to Tonya's, since the cute strawberry outfit she was in hampered crawling. This outfit is just too pink for me. And I just can't get myself to like collars.

Julian today suggested I give his monkey Julius a kiss on the forehead to make the pain go away. Ouch. Why do you think he thinks that kissing foreheads makes headaches go away? That was my way of turning my complaint into a positive, by pretending my headache is all better when the boys give me a kiss on the forehead. But I don't have to pretend much. Few things make me feel better than kisses from my sweet sons.

Short. Remember? SHORT! Maybe there's a chance if I stop....right....NOW.


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Queen Bee said...

Totally impressed with the raw broccoli eating, and the fact that you seem to have kept your cool about Gabriel being delayed by a broken down bus! Good Lord, you'd have to peel me off the ceiling! And lastly, I get what you're saying about the collars. Aside from the occasional polo type shirt on the boys, I can't stand collared shirts either. Especially on babies! Katrina is so cute, and starting to look like a toddler - or at least a bigger baby! I cant't believe she's almost a year old. Time really flies!