Sunday, September 16, 2007

9/16/07 The Family Hike

The boys were being unbearable at home this morning, so by early afternoon, when Katrina was up from her morning nap, it was time to get them OUT. Dave agreed, and joined us for a hike at Rancho San Antonio. I was actually thinking of going somewhere else, but figured that a double jogging stroller and walking 5-year-old didn't make for ideal experimental conditions. Besides, Gabriel remembered our hikes and wanted to see Coyote Trail.

It worked; I was so glad to see Gabriel running off a lot of steam, and his enthusiasm for the views and seeing things around us was contagious. Of course, he was bent on knowing the numbers: how many miles we'd gone, how far a hill was, how fast we were going.

Then Julian wanted to run also, and surprised me with his energy for running, since usually he peters out pretty fast. Katrina didn't cause much trouble, as long as she had a water bottle to suck on.

Julian was so tired later that he was absolutely impossible; the tiniest thing setting him off, getting into total meltdowns and then unexpectedly falling asleep on the living room floor, to where he'd been banished for a while. Many days he doesn't need an afternoon nap, but if he goes too many days in a row without one, this sort of thing happens. He went to bed early without a bath, willingly.

This has been the best weekend I've had in a long time, and that's with having spent a lot of time with the kids....indeed, I daresay because I spent so much time with them. Katrina's been charming lately, still demanding, but really funny and cute and not too fussy; and I get a nice lift from doing active sorts of things that are fun for little kids to do too. I guess there's a lot more of this in store for us!

Katrina modeling Dad's hat.

Butt-Buster Bluff (the "tail" end of Coyote Trail's steep starter hill)

At one point, both boys got tired enough that they both wanted to ride, so for a short distance, the jogging stroller held all three! (Watch that wheel Gabriel....I want grandchildren someday!)

Then, Julian wanted out and took over for a while.

Ah, my funny little boys. How I do love them.

Today is also our 7th wedding anniversary! Who has time to itch?!


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