Thursday, September 20, 2007

9/20/07 Julian's big day

Another nice day alone with Julian, though they're soon to end since Katrina's Thursdays at Tonya's will last only through September.

First we went to Rancho San Antonio to resurrect our old hikes with mom friends -- and kid friends! Photos at the end.

Then to home to pick up Dad, then to Redwood City to drop off Dad's car at the Subaru dealership.

Home again, lunch, Bed Bath and Beyond, then to Aidan's house so I could chat with Aidan's mom about her new kitchen. Meantime, Aidan and Julian played Foosball and watched some Smurfs, though Julian was terrified of Aidan's two big friendly dogs.

Then home again, played some Lead Belly, hung out, then the big scramble to pick up the other two. The second Gabriel was home, Julian turned on the Brat switch and was banished to the living room for bothering Katrina. My blood pressure goes through the roof as soon as Katrina's back around, and the boys are bugging her. What a difference from the day alone with just Julian -- it's amazing how much easier it is with one kid!

Still, overall the evening went well. I think. 'Cause I went out to yak with my mom friends and have coffee and cheesecake!

Julian had a great time at Rancho this morning with Allison, Kate and Andrew. First, the Farm, looking at animals.

Climbing on a tree trunk.

The Bossman. Julian made up games and got Kate and Allison to follow him or imitate him in stopping, starting, sitting and general silliness. I think he really liked playing without being bossed around by his older brother!

Andrew and Kate and Allison making up their own games on the logs.

It was a nice day being a one-child mom!


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