Friday, September 28, 2007

9/28/07 The Moonlight Run

Running at night? Yup! Tonight Sonia and I ran the Palo Alto Moonlight Run, the 10K. Not surprisingly, it was dark! But popular, and a lot of fun.

Spent the morning with Gabriel, helping him with his "Student of the Week" poster. That was fun too.

And now, my well-deserved bath will be fun.

p.s. The race results:

(26 out of 97 for my age group of women 40-49, in 58:52 -- so I met my under-one-hour goal!)

DivP Place Name Age Location Time Pace Bib
10K Run F 40-49
26 443 Noemi Doudna 44 Sunnyvale 58:52 9:28 482

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