Tuesday, October 02, 2007

10/1/07 Sleepless Tuesday

I don't know what my problem was last night, but I just couldn't stay asleep. I woke up again and again and again, and got increasingly fretful about knowing I'd be wasted today. And I was.

But the worst indignity was what was ringing in my head: the bubbly hold music from Bank of America. I'd spent over an hour on the phone with BofA yesterday, with numerous different departments, mostly on hold, and listened to the hold music so much that I couldn't get it out of my head. Ugh!

At least today I had a group of angelic children. I took Julian and Katrina to the Y, then home for lunch and naps, then picked up Gabriel, then to the grocery store where the boys were really, really well-behaved and helpful and Katrina delightedly pointed to darned near everything. Gabriel even said in the car on the way home, "Mom, that was a fun adventure!" Back at home, they all played in the backyard for a while, I chatted with my Dad on the phone, then Katrina took a late second nap while I prepared dinner.

Tonight's big job is to clean up for the cleaners, and then hopefully an early bedtime. I always get sucked into fun stuff, not to mention overdue work, in the office late at night, but hopefully the WWII movie that arrived from Netflix today will entice me upstairs early.

Uh-oh. Julian just lost his post-dinner cookies because of bathroom talk at the table, and now Gabriel is demanding justice on behalf his brother (or is it on behalf of the cookies?). I know where it's going from here.


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