Thursday, October 04, 2007

10/4/07 Not-so-bad mom?

Today at the Y, I was standing at the sink in the bathroom putting my hair in a ponytail. After some minimal combing (which amounts to all my hair care for the day) up into a ponytail, I was at that critical stage when I need to find the barrette and secure the ponytail.

A mom came into the bathroom instructing her 4-year-old daughter to wash her hands, but my bag was on the one chair that kids can use to reach the sink. I recognized the urgency of the situation, but thought it could wait for the 3 seconds it'd take to finish my crucial once-a-day preening operation....nope. "Could she wash her hands there?" the mom asked me with slight annoyance, as if to say, "well, DUH, I have a child here, I shouldn't have to ask you to move!" I immediately complied, dropping my ponytail and my bag and its contents all over the floor. Not so much as even a thank you.

Now, I know that some people believe that the child-free don't recognize the priority children often have to take. And I'm sympathetic to maintaining momentum when your kid is being agreeable about washing their hands. But I'd have told my kids to wait for a moment while someone else finished at whatever resource is currently being occupied.

The real capper was then hearing the mom ask her daughter, "Do you want some lunch before school?" It was 12:30pm!! And she asks?! She gives her kid the option not to have lunch before school? That's the sort of thing that Moms strangle Dads for doing! I mean, I can sort of understand if school started at a weird in-between time like 11am, but isn't lunch a no-brainer for kids who start school....well, after lunch?

OK, so I certainly know better than to judge other mom's situations without context. Certainly I'm sure my actions, or inactions, have invited raised eyebrows or out-and-out criticism before. Still, this lady left me feeling like a supermom, or, at least, a normal considerate adult. Or maybe I was just extra-peeved at having had to re-do my ponytail.

What a waste of a baby-free day today. Katrina, strangely, was awake for about an hour and a half last night, crying on and off. I got up to check her numerous times, but as usual, she never wanted to be held and just cried and reached back for the crib if I picked her up. No stinkers in her diaper, no throwing up, nose OK, gave her an extra satin cloth to suck on...I couldn't find the answer. Eventually I had to just turn down the monitor and let her cry to sleep, which by then she did pretty fast.

But boy, I'm tired today. I can't shake it. No working out, no aggravation about a self-centered mom, no walks, no nap, no coffee, nothing can wrest me out of this relentless sleepiness. Uh-oh....I know what that means. I'm happy to say I've been migraine-free for enough days that I can't even remember exactly how many days. But my unending desire to curl up under a blanket in the dark could mean that's coming to an end.

I guess I'll do that after some cheesecake with my Good Mom friends tonight.


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