Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10/24/07 Park afternoon

It's hard to believe that I'm a full-time mom, but Tuesday is my only full-time-mom day. Even then, I stick the two younger kids in the Childwatch at the Y in the morning.

Not that Julian minds. He was having fun reading books with other boys (don't worry, it looks like he was left out, but he was interacting with the others and going back and forth with the books.)

After picking up Gabriel, we went grocery-shopping. I love this time of year at stores for photo-ops, though I didn't do so well with this one.

After getting home, unpacking, snacks and a round of bathroom visits, we went to the park in the hopes of meeting up with a playgroup. Which we didn't at first, then just as I was starting to gather things to leave, a whole group of friends arrived, so I stretched Katrina a little while longer.

She is very social, making eye contact, smiling and engaging people, then showing off. Julian made a lot of eye contact as a baby too, but mostly to stare at them and draw them in; he didn't leap into "let's be friends!" mode as Katrina does. It's very sweet.

She had fun standing at this bench, except for the three seconds my back was turned talking to another mom, then I saw her lying on her back crying and a swarm of people around her, probably wondering where is this poor baby's negligent mother! Well, negligent mother was right next to her the whole time she was sitting safely on the ground, tossing wood chips into the back of this dump truck.

Meantime, the boys had a grand time playing on the play structures together, and later with Gina and Andrew when they arrived.

Gabriel had claimed at first he didn't want to go to this park, but as we were getting into the car, he happily exclaimed, "I had SO much fun, Mom!" Both boys played really hard, and were hot, thirsty and tired when we got home.

And me....day 9 of a migraine. A moderate one, as migraines go, but it's been increasing in intensity the past few days. Today I was pummeled by the "ice-pick" variant of migraines, especially at dinnertime. Those make concentrating and interacting not just difficult, but impossible during the stabs, just like if you'd just dropped a brick on your foot. You can't do much while you're hopping around on one foot, howling in pain, but then it passes enough for you to say, "wow, that smarts!" and get back to business. It's kind of like that. Except the smarting has lasted a week and a half now.

But I did get one piece of good news today, or rather, read a piece of good news. In a newspaper article about a nearby commercial lot that's been vacant for years, save for an old rundown building, there's a mention of what will soon go in there: a small shopping center, with a BRAND NEW TRADER JOE'S!!!!!!! YIPPEEE!!! Now, instead of driving 7 whole minutes to worship (worshop?), it can be just 5 whole minutes! That will make five TJ's within 12 minutes' driving. What a life of privilege I lead!


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