Friday, October 26, 2007

10/26/07 The Masquerade Ball

Tonight, Gabriel and Julian went to a "masquerade ball" (OK, a Halloween party) at Collins CDC. It was a "parents night out" thing, and for kids, four hours of pizza, ice cream, activities and party.

This imposed a new deadline on costume-making, for which I was cursing myself once again. Except, as Gabriel's train costume started to come together, he exclaimed again and again, "This is SUCH a neat costume!" "Thanks for making me such an AWESOME costume, Mom!" and other enthusiastic and appreciative comments. That made it all worth it. Maybe I'll make one costume a year, and buy the other two.

I turned a dry-run of costumes into an attempt to get *T*h*e* Halloween photo of all three, but Katrina was in a foul mood when she woke up from her nap.

Am I the lamest costumer? A clown with no face makeup?! Frankly, it didn't even occur to me until just now. I gotta get that boy a red nose, at least.

Julian was a little tentative at the party at first, but having Gabriel there and being familiar with the place helped. They came home with pumpkins and a whole bunch of candy. I'm starting to remember the wave of relief that happens after Halloween is over!

This afternoon, just as we were all getting into the car after picking Gabriel up from school, we came across a most curious -- and lost -- creature. This praying mantis (I believe) mistook the stroller for a tree, and deftly climbed it, probing carefully with its long .... er what, is the name for an insect's forearms?

The boys were pretty fascinated, but a little nervous too.

I don't believe they're poisonous, and this one was so cautious and inquisitive, clearly just looking for a safe place to climb, so I wasn't worried about it. When it looked like it was headed for Katrina, I gave it a rock to climb on and transferred it to a tree, up which it gracefully sped.

My thoughtful uncle sent me a link to this NY Times article, by an author whose articles I've seen many times (and often I don't care for), but this one was pretty interesting: The Migraine Diet. My sister's mother-in-law had good results with using diet to control migraines, so I delved into this with hope, but it seems the author too had mixed results. The comments other people offer are pretty interesting too, and show how all-over-the-map we "migraineurs" are. Just reading about how bad the author's headaches are reminds me that I'm a "mild" case (I've never been to an emergency room), but I'm in Day 12 of a migraine now. This one rates "only" a 4 out of 10 overall, but 12 days -- and counting -- is a new record.

In other thrilling news to me: I ordered jeans for Gabriel that actually fit him!!! And, they have an elastic back, which he needs since he still can't handle snaps or flies yet. They come in a Slim size, which is never a guarantee, but they do stay on his skinny little behind and are still long enough. Best of all, they're cheap! In fact, they're on sale for $9 right now. I'm ordering at least 5 more pairs of size 5 Slim, and not a moment too soon, since his cobbled-together mishmash of jeans are falling apart from so many washings, and are all getting too short. Let's hear it for Sonoma Elastic-Back Jeans!!

But first, lots more Halloweening this weekend.


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MommaWriter said...

Praying mantis. How cool is *that*? I didn't even know those critters lived around these parts!