Saturday, November 10, 2007

11/10/07 Just two

Single mom, hard. Two kids, easy. Hmm.

Then again, I have Peggy. Today I went scrapbooking with some friends while Peggy watched Julian and Katrina, which turned into a happy playdate for Julian with Miranda, Peggy's feisty little daughter.

Peggy can handle anything, nothing rattles her. She's the 3rd person in 24 hours to report that Katrina is one focused, determined little thing. She wants what she wants, and there's no distracting her. I've come to brace myself if she's into something and I absolutely have to pull her away to change a diaper or something. She throws her whole tiny little body into the protest, which is almost comical given how her puny 17 pounds doesn't begin to match up to her spirit. I think it's official: I have Gabriel rev.2 on my hands, though ramped down, and not nearly as strong or fast.

Julian was grouchy this afternoon, and after some negotiation about music selection, he sat down on the couch and then drifted off sitting up.

Katrina, meanwhile, wouldn't take a second nap, and instead busied herself with a new trick: stacking.

Oh yes, and what fun pushing this little button with a pinpoint of light that appears to breathe, and that gets just a little brighter when I push it. Clearly she has a future in Apple's hardware quality verification department. (Who, me?)

Boy does she get mad when I whisk her away from this foible! And she made a baby beeline right back for it again and again, until I finally gave up and closed the office door. Fortunately, that did make her give up, at least it does now. I remember Gabriel throwing an extended fit by whatever barrier we set up for him.

Dave and Gabriel left at 5:30am this morning to visit Dave's parents in St. Louis. Dave's sent me a few iPhone photos, and it warms my heart to see Gabriel running and playing and just being a kid, even in such a far-away place. It's nice to see him with his grandparents too -- I wonder how that is for them, having this sudden injection of little-kid energy around them. He lights up everything around him.

I'm enjoying having Julian as the oldest one for now though. A boy and a girl, in that order, just like I'd imagined as a little girl would be the perfect configuration (mostly because I thought girls should have an older brother and I wished I had one). My sweet little boy and my spritely little girl. Only those idyllic childhood musings didn't count on a Gabriel in the mix! And what a wonderful mix it makes.


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DaVE said...

Gabriel just read all of your
penultimate paragraph except
for the word "energy" which he
said was "emergency".