Friday, November 30, 2007

11/30/07 Goodbye November

The last day of November! I'm not sure I can offhand recall a more difficult or conflicted month. I'm happy about being back at work, but really struggling with everything else. The pressure will soon make things come clear. A little like examining a dam and finding water fizzing out of cracks. I just hope I have time to jump out of the way before the whole thing collapses on me.

Katrina was in much better shape today, full of vim and vigor and forcefully stated opinions. Melissa said she stood up a lot on her own today, for seconds at a time, and thinks she'll walk in the next two weeks. I hope so!

Tonight we dared taking The Three out to dinner at Midori, our favorite Japanese restaurant. Overall it worked well, though I'm glad I brought food for Katrina. I was very busy feeding her at first, because the outrage should I fall behind in shoveling spoonfuls into that tiny but ever-so-loud little mouth...!

Gabriel claimed he didn't like Midori, but was surprisingly open to trying new foods, and in the end he counted 6 things he liked (edamame, miso soup, rice, chicken teriyaki, tempura and tonkatsu, and he tried sushi but didn't like it). Julian as usual tried and ate everything -- we actually had to order more "shooshi."

Later, I "walked" Katrina all around the restaurant, holding both her hands, and she straight-legged Frankensteined her way all over the place, giggling constantly. Uh-oh, was this one of those moments that as a parent I think is irresistably adorable, but other restaurant patrons think is annoying? I kept her away from tables and took care not to block aisles. Besides, it's hard to imagine that even the grouchiest curmudgeon wouldn't find it just a little bit cute. Even her Dad.

To my delight, Julian once again, was a darling little angel today. Right in time for his upcoming 4th birthday. What a joyful place this house is when Julian forgot to take his 3-year-old pain-in-the-ass pill. He has no equal when it comes to charming and sweet. Then again, he doesn't have particularly stiff competition from his siblings, who are both rife with wonderful qualities, but "sweet" doesn't quite make it to the top ten for them. Thank goodness for Julian.

I forgot to mention yesterday: we weighed Katrina at the pediatrician's office: 19 lbs 2 oz! I'd say now the odds are good she'll break 20 pounds by the time Gabriel turns 6, the magic age by which he can legally ride without a booster (until they change the law to "8 or 80 lbs" that is). Gabriel is way too short not use a booster anyway, but 6 still seems like a carseat milestone. There's no hurry, but when Katrina reaches 20 lbs and Gabriel reaches 6 years old, it seems like as good a time as any to start tackling the formidable task of rearranging carseats, something we'll have to deal with come summer or thereabouts anyway. As it is, with all the BMXing going on around here, installing an infant seat in Dave's car on weekends (so that the wagon is free to transport bikes) is going to become a regular thing. But we're not getting a minivan.

Friday. Thank goodness. My sorry rear end has a hot date with the couch now, where it will be firmly planted and glued for the next few hours, except for the occasional mecca to the freezer for an ice cream refill.


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