Saturday, December 01, 2007

12/1/07 Saturdays anew

One thing about our brutal new weekdays is that weekends really become weekends. I have a lot more energy for the kids and really want to be around them as much as possible.

Not that that stopped me from taking The Three to the Y this morning. I still have to get my sanity workouts. I felt a smidgeon guilty about this until I returned to the Childwatch to find Katrina gleefully playing on this little push-around car toy.

Brothers went to the BMX park today, where I'm told that Julian now goes on the same course as Gabriel, all the same bumps! I'd have loved to see that. Dave said Julian's gotten some respect from the other kids (teenagers) there, since he's on this teeny tiny little bicycle with 12" wheels, and he's just so little. Occasionally there are other kids there Gabriel's age, but Julian's peers are sorely underrepresented.

Katrina does not like her medicine. Dave administered it tonight, and said she "fought fiercely" against it. She's really not very strong or fast, even for a baby her size -- babies can up quite a fight -- but I have to admire her spirit, even as the dread and apprehension sinks in about a repeat of Gabriel's toddlerhood.

A surprisingly productive day, though I've had to recalibrate what that means. Just getting Katrina's toenails trimmed counts as productive.


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