Monday, December 10, 2007

12/10/07 Back to Kansas

Sometimes it seems like the office is the dull humdrum black-and-white world of Kansas, and home is the bright, colorful, lively place of Oz, filled with happy chattering little munchkins. I needed a little Kansas in my life, but I wasn't prepared for such a startling contrast.

Steeled as I was for Monday, it wasn't so bad at all, other than being much too tired. There just is no such thing as "getting used" to getting up early. It's not in my biology. A lunchtime run fixed that and put me in a great mood and made me productive the rest of the afternoon.

I coached myself on the drive home to relax when we got home. Form a plan: start first with getting Katrina's dinner ready, so that I'd be prepared when the bomb dropped. This basically worked, I was able to get dinner started and then give her something to feed herself with when she flipped the switch from happy giggling baby to grabby demanding hungry grump. It helped that the boys played outside (in the dark!) until dinnertime.

After dinner, I found myself flitting around the kitchen, cleaning up, getting lunches ready, putting food away...until I thought why am I doing this now? I really want it done, but time sitting on the floor and playing with Katrina is so precious now. Not as precious as wanted it to be, since my Precious Pest horns in on the action (that would be Julian), but still, we all got some playing in. I was about to say "done." Boy, this is getting twisted.

Soon. Really. I'll have more to write about than how overwhelmed I am with this new life.

12/10/07 (Cousin Jason's birthday, he's 31 today!)

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