Sunday, January 13, 2008

1/13/08 The Piano

I got to sleep late this morning -- yay! Thanks, Dad. I needed it. I had a lot of wine last night.

I needed it. I'm seriously bummed about my failing ankles. I went for a short tentative run last Friday with the new Superfeet insoles, but around mile 3, my left ankle started to hurt. Later, both ankles gave me constant twinges and reminders of their inherent weakness.

But not all hope is lost. A friend at work is a serious runner, and she gave me the name of her podiatrist. She'd had serious foot problems that not only meant no running (and she's always in shape for a half-marathon), but constant foot pain too. She said prescription custom orthotics and other treatments gave her her life back. That's a strong enough endorsement for me. I'm calling the guy pronto! She and another runner friend gave me names of sports medicine doctors as well. So I have a lot of resources.

If I get through this, I will make a marathon my new goal. I had no ambitions for marathon training before, but now that faulty ankles might mean not even having the option, I'm going to make it a goal.

Speaking of chronic problems, something you might all have noticed missing is constant complaints about migraines. Since starting the "Seasonique" pill, I've had one day of a mild migraine in 2-1/2 months, and that's it. A "prodrome" feeling here and there (the irrational sleepiness), but no more days and days of oppressive pain. It could also be the drastically altered sleep schedule due to work, but I doubt it. Clearly whatever torments the vascular system in my head is hormonal.

But enough about me. Let's talk about the kids! I'm happy to report that Katrina has been really fun, and funny, lately. Dare I say, even, delightful to have around? That's a big leap! She's been playing very happily, finding joy in the simplest things, often involving motion. Pushing footstools is a favorite, but so is climbing into anything that rocks or moves, like this little rocking chair we got from the Doudna grandparents some years ago.

Another fun thing she does, fun to her anyway, is lie on her back and just play, kicking her legs around like she's an upturned cockroach.

Today at Whole Foods, she was getting tired of waiting and it was approaching naptime, and she let out some of her characteristic protest screeches. Every time, people around us jumped, and twice, someone twirled around angrily to see what was causing this piercing racket, and then settled down when they saw it was just a baby. Even when she's in a really good place in life, she lets her opinion be known LOUDLY and PAINFULLY.

I thought Gabriel's interest in the piano would have waned by now, but it only seems to be accelerating. He skipped book-reading tonight in favor of practicing, though he's already memorized most of the songs in the book, plus one I showed him (Happy Birthday). He makes up his own a little too, and I'll be darned if I don't hear him play something very close to the opening sequence in the Eagles song "Desperado"!

But most of what he does is along the lines of Mary Has A Little Lamb:

If he's really interested in piano, I'll happily put him into lessons....but I will not be happy about having to bug him to practice every day. So whenever he asks about piano lessons (every 10 minutes or so), we talk about practicing. I tell him stories of when I took piano lessons and never fooled my teachers that I didn't practice all week, until just before the lesson. I think it'd be great if he really wanted to play -- and it doesn't have to be now, we can try also when he's older and more likely to practice.

Who knows, maybe I'd take up piano again too if I can't run. Sniff.


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