Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1/15/08 The Picture

Today when I picked Gabriel up from the CDC, a boy came up to me, steady eye contact the whole way, and handed me a brown paper. On it was a very nice drawing of Henry the engine, and written the name "Gabriel." Apparently this boy, who I've never seen or heard of, drew Gabriel a picture, and made sure it got home by handing it to me! His demeanor was so deliberate, not shy, not proud, just very directed. I made as big a deal of it as I could while Katrina was crawling around on the floor picking up chokables.

So Gabriel decided to repay the boy in kind, by drawing him a train picture. Gabriel put the boy's name on it (asking me how to spell it, as if I'll ever know -- I couldn't even say it!), then signed it "From Gabriel" above his name.

How sweet! Isn't this more the sort of thing little girls do? The kid seemed really, really nice. Gabriel said he was a first-grader.

Today I left work early to go home and tackle the huge stack of To Dos that just can't get done with kids around, or even after they're in bed. I had about an hour and a half (which normally I'd have spent some of at work running), then zipped back into my car for the mad pickup scramble. But it wasn't so mad at all. Even though I was "working" at home -- not paid work, but office sorts of things (not scrapbooking, unfortunately!), having that time at home before the dinner rush made a huge difference. I really, really need that transition time between work and home, it really energizes me and makes me look forward to dealing with the kids and dinner and homework and screechy baby all at the same time. I'll bet it'd be even better if I did some scrapbooking instead of filling out forms, writing checks and making phone calls.

But one phone call I made was to a sports medicine doctor who specializes in podiatry! I can't wait for my appointment next week. It gives me some hope. I notice I have more time during the week now that I'm not running, but so what? I feel like I'm losing touch with Rancho San Antonio -- I was there so often that I'd notice the foliage growing, the new moss spots, the leaves turning, the flowers blooming. It's going to look completely different by the time I get back there! I'll bet the creeks are even flowing at the canyon bottom.

I also made Katrina's 15-month pediatrician appointment today. "How old is the child?" they ask. "Errr....15-1/2 months?" I answer sheepishly. "Don't you mean you want to schedule the 18-month appointment?" "Err...no..." "Didn't she already have her 15-month appointment?" ALRIGHT ALREADY! Not only don't I take my kids to the park on the weekends like Good Moms I know, but I don't even make pediatricians' appointments on time! AGGH!

As if this baby needs to see a doctor. She is the picture of health, bursting with energy and life. BUT STILL NOT WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!! She did boost herself out of the little blue chair tonight and "play" walkies for a few steps, but that was it. She still doesn't get it that two feet is a perfectly reasonable way to get from point A to point B. WITHOUT pushing a footstool.

Then again, who needs to stand when I'm so busy rummaging around the toy shelf?

Whatever ailed her a few weeks ago, for a few weeks, is past, and she's in a great place: giggly and silly and full of fun sounds. She laughs hard with her brothers, but also doesn't hesitate to stand up to them or try to take something from them, which they take entirely in stride -- even when she crawls up to them with the express intent of pushing them away!

That reminds me, I saw a very, very unusual behavior for Katrina this afternoon as we were leaving Melissa's: she pouted and cried. Melissa was shocked too -- she never does that! Oh she cries, but pouting first, then sobbing sadly with tears streaming down her face is unheard of. Usually her crying is frustrated and angry and without tears, accompanied by flailing protesting arms, bordering more on a fit. But sad crying? She got over it quickly in the car, and by the time we arrived to pick up Gabriel, she was pointing happily out the window announcing "Boooo!" whenever she saw a bird.

Julian thinks I hug him too hard, so whenever he tells me not to, I ask him to show me how to hug him the right way. And he comes up and hugs me almost without touching me. Then I ask him to show me the wrong way, and he wraps his arms around my neck like a python. Then I tell him I'm still not sure, and to show me again, and he hugs me again. And again. I can't believe he still falls for this, but I'll milk it for all it's worth. Lots and lots of Julian hugs...nothing's better.


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