Thursday, January 03, 2008

1/3/08 Back to it

Not so bad today. I thought it'd be a lot worse, though I missed Katrina.

When I picked her up, she was fussy and clingy, hands warm. At home, checked her: another slight temp! Depending on she's doing, Melissa said it was OK to bring her there tomorrow, if she's only a little under the weather.

Incredibly, it took me only an hour and 5 minutes to do the big pickup runaround today. And that's with rain, which notoriously slows down traffic.

Back at home, after a few bites of dinner, she pulled it together to play on this chair, standing up out of it -- then she took a step or two! Or was it just catching her balance from a stumble? In any case, looks like she'll make it to 15 months old and still be squarely a crawler.

Gabriel, for all his nonsense about not wanting to go to CDC Camp, had a great time at their field trip to the Tech Museum today. "It was awesome!" he said. It must have been, because he even told us about a few things he did there. He liked the earthquake simulator the best.

Snap Circuits continue to be the main driving force in his life at home. He's gone through most of the circuits in the book, and now he's trying to make up his own, and loves talking about them. He even puts them away when he's done because he doesn't want Katrina to get into them.

(I shamelessly play the Baby Card on the boys: "You'd better put that way, or Katrina will get into it!")

Julian has found new pleasure in being the First one to -- get this -- set the table! For the past week, Julian has set out the placemats and napkins and forks for dinner. I don't have the energy yet to make up chore charts and enforce them (not with Katrina demanding every scrap of spare attention as I'm preparing dinner), but I am making progress in getting the boys used to the idea that they have daily jobs. And not ones that earn them treats or privileges, though treats and privileges will be taken away if they don't do their chores (this is a family, not a democracy). In any case, for the moment, Julian is working for praise, and he can have all of that he wants.

Is it really Friday already tomorrow? Yay!


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