Friday, January 04, 2008

1/4/08 The Storm

Nasty, nasty day! Perfect to curl up in front of a fire and read a book. Yeah, right. Gabriel's field trip was cancelled, alleviating my fear-visions of hearing about a school bus full of young children blown over in the storm....shudder.

I left work early and went home and engaged in some therapeutic scrapbooking (among other things). Cheaper than Prozac! Hmm, maybe not, this is scrapbooking we're talking about. I've been feeling a powerful urge to document and create photo memories lately; it comes in waves.

Then I braved the storm to go rescue my exceedingly silly daughter, who was in a terrific mood. Since it's Friday, normally I'd ask Melissa to bring her home, but I couldn't in good conscience ask Melissa to drive in this mess. She happily gobbled down some of Gavin's Favorite Turkey Burgers, making her signature guttural dinosaur sound when she threw a few pieces just for fun.

Great evening until a piercing, ear-splitting shriek from Julian triggered some nasty spears of pain in my head, a double earache, and a residual pounding headache. That kid...the best migraine-trigger there is (though I've been migraine-free for two months!!). I was completely ready to throw him outside into the storm if he did that again. Man!

Julian did have to go outside to take his shoes off, since they're always full of sand from Kids Inc. Dave said he should take them off on the back deck, since then the sand falls through the cracks. Gabriel piped in, earnestly and urgently, "No! Those aren't cracks -- it was built that way!"


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