Monday, April 14, 2008

4/14/08 Musical Monday

Now this is the way to start the week. First, I got to sleep until 7:20, then snooze until 8am -- and for once, I wasn't tired all day. Then I had some nice time alone with Katrina in the morning, then to music class, always a highlight for me.

Well, usually a highlight for me, anyway. Katrina was animated and playful, but punchy -- at any moment her energy could tip negative if things didn't go her way. She sure is klutzy though, tripping and hitting her face on my shoulderbone twice.

After arriving late at work, I left early to take Gabriel to his piano lesson. I might not mind this chauffer business after all! I watched the beginning of the class, but none of the other parents waited in the class, so I left too. I had about 35 minutes, so I went home and started dinner defrosting, picked up Julian, and returned in plenty of time to see the end of Gabriel's class.

One thing I noticed in piano class, in addition to other times, is that Gabriel is having trouble hearing again. He wouldn't say so when I asked, but Dave said this morning he said so. He has a slight cold, so his ears probably have fluid in them. If this keeps up, then I'll take him to the ear doctor again. Summer's coming up; I hope we don't have to deal with ear tubes.

Today Katrina had to share Melissa -- with two 3-year-old boys! Melissa said that during some outside playtime, one of the boys was on the new riding toy, and Katrina went over to him, stood in front, and then SCREAMED. I've seen this before too, where she makes a stand, and then goes red-faced and hands-shakey and darn near pops a vein with the force of her shriek. The poor boy handed it right over.

At home, she could not be persuaded to come inside, even though it was pretty cold and windy outside (what a change from yesterday!). She went from tricycle to truck to lawnmower, screeching in protest when I tried to take pictures. Well, exCUSE me!

Katrina and Julian have been playing together more and more, not yet as peers, but they entertain each other a lot and make up games together.

After Katrina's bath, she and Julian played this "my mimi" game, which I captured some of:

Normally I wouldn't condone throwing pillows at my baby's head, but this game was well established before I investigated all the giggling. Katrina didn't mind at all, and I'm quite sure she'd have said so if she did. ("Mimi" is her satin blankie that she sucks on to go to sleep.) I love how happy she is when she sees her brothers in the car, on the occasions they're with me when I pick her up.

Gabriel's having a grand time with the ukelele, when he's not banging around on the piano. Even though playing a note isn't nearly as straightforward as on a piano, he's working hard at playing familiar songs on it. I'm pretty sure I heard Mary Had a Little Lamb in two keys tonight.

Music is definitely the way to soften the blow of Monday.


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