Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4/16/08 The Morning

Dave had an 8am meeting this morning, so whisked the boys to school early...which left me and Katrina behind to sleep peacefully! At 8:05am, I figured I really had to get up. Ahh. I got ready, then woke Katrina out of a sound sleep at 8:20pm.

At that hour, I wouldn't dream of taking her to daycare in PJs and without breakfast, so I dressed her and took her through the usual rounds of offer, reject, offer, reject. A few bites of banana, a few bites of Joe's O's; then oatmeal was the ticket.

I caught the most interesting little mannerism: she'd scoop a spoonful of oatmeal, then gently tap the spoon on the edge of the bowl, then put it in her mouth. I guessed she was imitating a grownup wiping the bottom of the spoon on the bowl, which Melissa later confirmed. You can see it in the first second of this video.

She's getting pretty good with a spoon!

Then it turned out that we'd blown Wheels Day at the CDC -- horrors! So I brought Gabriel his bicycle and helmet to the CDC, took Katrina to Melissa's, and arrived at work at 9:30am.

How civilized. I wasn't drop-dead dragging wasted all day, I was far more alert and productive and in a good mood and looking forward to picking everyone up. What a difference, sleeping until 8am. And I didn't go to sleep the night before until 1am!!! It's no different than it has been for years for me: I can do fine on less than 8 hours of sleep, as long as that sleep comes when I need it, and I don't have to get up too early in the morning.

But perhaps the most important factor is that I had some nice time alone with my youngest child, alone, and when she was in a great mood. That makes it.


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