Monday, April 21, 2008

4/21/08 The Shattered Dream

The Dream: 1st, 3rd and 5th grades: all 3 kids go to the same place (school) and all 3 are on the same schedule. They'll all be in the same place for K, 2 and 4th too, but Kindergarten has a shorter day. Still, not bad.

The Shatter: I picked Gabriel up from the CDC at 3:15 today for his piano lesson, only to encounter a long line of minivans. What's this? Turns out: grades 4-5 get out at 3:15pm! Grades 1-3 get out at 2:45. Ack!

Not only does this squash my Dream of all 3 on the same schedule in the same place, but it guarantees they never will be. In fact, it completely reverses the Dream: when they're in K, 2 and 4th grades, they'll all 3 be on DIFFERENT schedules! Oh, except on Tuesdays, when everyone gets out at the same time, but earlier.

Who dreamed this stuff up? And why are they turning my dreams into nightmares?!

Katrina: happy as a clam today at Melissa's, happy much of the time in music class today, edgy other times if I wasn't doing exactly as she wanted. Melissa reports that a boy (age 2, and Julian's size) who bugs the other boy (age 3) doesn't bother Katrina at all, since she screams if he tries to take something from her and it intimidates him.

Julian has an adorable, if slightly strange, new habit of calling people "my little friend." It's amusing to hear him say it to an adult, like, "Bye, Melissa, my little friend!"

Gabriel drew a picture this morning I find pretty interesting, though it didn't scan well.

His asking "WHAT?" so much, and my having to speak right to his face and loudly to ensure both listening and hearing, means it's time to see the doc again. His teacher and the CDC haven't noticed his trouble hearing, but we have. Great, tubes, just in time for swimming season (earplugs, what a pain!).


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MommaWriter said...

If it makes you feel any better (and I'm sure it doesn't, really), Smunch's school is the same. The older kids get out later than the younger kids every day...not even a regular Tuesday event to change that...but then, I can just hang around yakking with my friends while Mam and I wait for Smunch to finish up. That's hardly torture for me, since I'm not exactly scheduling work away from home around it. But think, you CAN drop them all off and pick them all up from the CDC at the same time!